DABI is YOUR Bridge Between Art & Business


Earn an income from your talent.

Gain clarity in business.

Reach industry professionals and targeted buyers.

Engage with like-minded peers committed to success.
and more…

A business is merely a hobby if you’re not actually profiting.

Two out of three small businesses fail because, almost always, owners have passion, drive and creative vision but NOT the small business management “know how” to support their survival. Andrea Rosenfeld, Founder/CEO of Detroit Art & Business Institute (DABI) is SERIOUS about guiding creative entrepreneurs to banish business fears and craft strong strategies that rise above their challenges and exceed their goals.


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A person needs more than raw talent and high hopes to build a successful career and business.

Andrea’s targeted educational programs are relevant to your practice, your passion, and your visions. She asks her clients to dig deep while she easily and clearly explains business concepts that other firms gloss over, like; pricing structures, key partnerships, sales and marketing instruction, financial structures (and more).

Plus she’s the only teacher to pair mindful, Eastern philosophies with best business practices, increasing your self-confidence so you can truly value yourself and your talents.

Art and design students need to be prepared for life after graduation but unfortunately entrepreneurial training isn’t part of their arts curriculum.

Detroit Art & Business Institute is a committed and passionate, creative consulting firm dedicated to empowering emerging and established creative business practitioners. Through private coaching, workshops and a first-of-its-kind, 8-week group course Andrea helps business owners to;

  • * streamline their vision keeping them focused and on target,
  • * release fears related to business building,
  • * speak clearly to THEIR unique buyer while also sourcing alternative sales options,
  • * budget correctly and find their profitable cost structure,
  • * merchandise and display to entice buyers and make it easier to sell,
  • * detail their integrity, values and relationships to strengthen their business,
  • * fuel higher profits and a higher purpose.

If you keep doing the “same old” without learning  business skills, you’ll continue to struggle to reach your dreams. You deserve to prosper in your business. You deserve DABI.

Andrea knows that your passion isn’t enough, you DESERVE targeted education, strong support and a responsible accountability partner to reach your goals. BUST THROUGH your fear. Talk to her. She’s a creative business expert!

Andrea is accepting private clients and business course students! Read what past Graduates say!

Starting Summer '17!

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