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Case Studies

Case Studies

Explore what it’s like to succeed with Andrea

It’s one thing to read emotional praise and testimonials but quite another to learn REAL LIFE PROGRESS from Andrea’s clients and her Mind Your Art Business Growth Course Graduates. Andrea’s professional development programs have brought transformational value to hundreds of artists, locally and across America. 

After graduating from the Mind Your Art Business Growth Course, Event Planner, Angela F., of Warren, MI was able to plan her sales goals based on REAL costs and speak her value to attract her best customers. Because of Andrea’s art business training course, Angela’s second DIY wedding event saw a profit increase of 600%

Sue S., a Birmingham MI -based fine sculptor works with Andrea, privately and is confident in her new, higher price points and profit margin, has a solid and targeted gallery list, and a concise yet engaging client email and marketing materials. After her private sessions, Sue got into 60% more galleries and received 3rd place at the recent Scarab Club exhibit.

Fine Craft Artists, Teresa P. sold 50% more of her highest priced works after her pricing sessions with Andrea.  Using clear and tested costing strategies and defining her audience, they reviewed and revamped the cost structure for every size artwork. Altering her prices created better cohesion in her retail booth and clearly showcased the best value to potential clients.

A lot of times success can be attributed to doing that which you find difficult but being in a supportive group environment can help you work through fears. In one Mind Your Art Business Growth Course class, Andrea said simply, “Follow up with potential buyers.”  That encouraged Cathy J., Fiber Artist in Ann Arbor, MI to do what, for her, is difficult: corresponding. She listened during the class, knew she had Andrea’s strong support, found her strength and followed up with two different leads.  One of the leads brought her a significant sale – her first of many for that year.

The Mind Your Art Business Growth Course brought Ella C., Jewelry Artist 6 new retailers and galleries in six months and DOUBLED her revenue in her first year in business! How? The course taught Ella to clearly speak about her work and its value, as well as what her business offers to her clients, overall. She gained information on a variety of marketing strategies that helped her to think outside her narrow perimeters. A realistic pricing formula helped her ask and receive a more profitable price for her jewelry. In addition, one class included helpful tax information like how to file based on your business entity and what expenses are deductible.

Shermane F., a pattern maker from Lansing, MI took Andrea’s Mind Your Art Business Growth Course and works with her as a private client. In doing so, she receives encouragement and confidence to say “no” to bad fit clients, that she could not have mustered on her own. With Andrea’s help, Shermane designed a necessary and targeted intake form that allows her to curate fashion designers who request her help. Picking her best clients makes sure she’s honoring herself and not wasting her time on people who aren’t ready to begin working with a pattern maker. Shermane has not only increased her clients by 20% but the clients she works with come back often, pay her realistic price points and value her time and expertise.