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GREAT 8-week business course! Andrea destroys every fear you ever had about starting your own business. You also walk away with your own cheering/support system (your classmates). If you’re thinking about taking this course… TAKE IT! With Andrea’s guidance, I increased my profits by 600%!” Angela F., Rock Sugar Event Planning, Warren MI

I absolutely LOVED this course. The information was beneficial and presented in a way that was manageable. Our group was so great and supportive. It was really a comfortable atmosphere. This course is PERFECT, whether you’re just starring your business or are already established. Thank you so much! I had so much fun!” Ella – jewelry artist, Detroit MI

This course is everything I never CLEARLY learned in business school! I had SO many questions marks about pricing, doing business legally and my business identity. Now so much of that is clearer to me and I NO LONGER feel like I’m floundering. If you’re starting your creative business or have unanswered questions, this course is bound to give you clarity!Jessy B – mixed media, Ann Arbor, MI

With Andrea’s guidance, I increased my profits by 600%!

” The MYAB course has transformed the way I think + approach to business. It has touched on every aspect from financials, legal, to social media and developing relationships. I feel I have a solid plan now to begin my business strategies.” Kathleen A. – fine art, Ann Arbor MI

Mind Your Art Business, 8-week course is informative and Andrea is so engaging, supportive and encouraging. This course has helped me to broaden my thinking in ways that I don’t realize yet.” –Denise R.- Canine Bliss Art Studio, Metro Detroit MI

Mind Your Art Business, 8-week course is a very useful course for anyone starting out in an art related business.” -Gail W. – glass artist, Metro Detroit MI

Excellent. Mind Your Art Business is possibly the best thing I’ve done so far in regards to preparing for my business.”-Sami S. – Founder JIVEHOUSE, Dearborn, MI

Learn every aspect of turning your creative passion into a business!

Mind Your Art Business’s 8-week training course was very good! I learned a lot. I was inspired to FINALLY start my own business.” -Scott M. – graphic artist, Metro Detroit MI

Mind Your Art Business is important to all aspiring artistic entrepreneurs. It gently faces you towards the essential back-end of business building and guides you through, navigating the sometimes less-than-fun aspects without being overwhelmed.”  – Katie B. – ceramic artist, Hazel Park MI

Mind Your Art Business gave me organizational skills, an easy-to-view course layout and step-by-step outlines.” –Diane N. – fiber artist, Southfield MI

Mind Your Art Business is very helpful to artists who want to elevate their business. I was able to make great strides after taking Andrea’s course!” Re’Nisha B. – fashion designer, Detroit MI

Gave me organizational skills & an easy-to-view course layout.

I learned to value myself and my art and talk confidently about it. Through this Mind Your Art Business 8-week course I got in touch with inspiring and enriching people and learned to get in touch with my creativity and apply myself to the work and business of art. –Ana – The Art & Music Studio, Dearborn MI

My goal is to do my art business full time and Andrea’s course taught me how to be mindful of what goes out to ensure what goes in is enough to maintain my business and myself, personally. Finding out that I need to PAY MYSELF was huge! This course finally made me feel comfortable about my art business and showed me that I can take it seriously with the right tools. ” Marlee Ash Fine Art, Ann Arbor MI

Mind Your Art Business’s 8-week training course offered informative and inspiring content from an experienced instructor.” –Carla K.– digital arts, Metro Detroit MI

The Mind Your Art Business 8-week training course was really exactly what I wanted and Andrea is so professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and non-judgemental.” –Shermane F. -Patternmaker, Lansing MI

I learned to value myself and my art and talk confidently about it.

I’ve tried a bunch of difference business classes [around Detroit] but Andrea’s has really been the most helpful for me as an artist.  I felt like the other one’s were a little too “business-y”  and I had trouble relating and understanding but Andrea teaches business in such a holistic way that it makes you feel really good about having a business. As an artists you get a different type of pride from Mind Your Art Business because it speak to the creative industries.”  -Angela F., Rock Sugar event planning, Warren MI

This course has been enlightening.  It has given me the confidence to move forward with my business.” Anonymous – woodworker, Detroit MI

“Mind Your Art Business is a FANTASTIC class that introduces you to the spooky parts of starting a business, then makes it easier for you. Andrea gives you all of the tools to get started, I just have to write my story on my canvas.” Josh  – content writer, Ferndale MI

The Mind Your Art Business Growth Course gave me information on all of the financial aspect, pricing for profit, overhead, costing… all was incredibly helpful and laid out in an easy-to-understand way. The content and examples showed me what it means to be in business for yourself and HOW TO DO IT!” Becky G. Fiber artist, Ann Arbor MI

It has given me the confidence to move forward with my business!

“The Mind Your Art Business training course was wonderful, covers a lot of important information in the 8 week time period and allows for great networking.” -N.A. – fine artist, MI

I want to thank you again…a couple things you said [in class] really helped me make the decision to commit to my creative business. Even though I make good money now and absolutely love what I do I had to convince myself it was a viable business. Also you said, “do what serves your business”.  In moving forward, those words will help me tremendously to weed out the things that pull me in other directions.” –Lisa – Pixie and Face Painting, MI

Mind Your Art Business, 8-week course is a great opportunity to learn about every aspect of turning your creative passion into a business. The technical info blended with support system helps you get started and brings you into a community of people on the same path with a willingness to help you succeed.  So happy I signed up!”
Rachael B. – 
Hazel + Dolly Calligraphy and Stationary, MI


“After the in-depth pricing lesson with Andrea I sold more than half of my MOST EXPENSIVE pieces during my next show!” -Teresa P. – collage artist

“The encouragement I received from you as a consultant including the Mind Your Art Business course, ignited the passion for my work again.  Could not have mustered that all on my own.” –Shermane F., Apparel Pattern Services, MI

Andrea went so far above and beyond the 45-minute consultation I booked. I was filled with appreciation when she took a Sunday evening to call me to discuss the merits of a trade show.  Her eagerness to help is palpable and very reassuring.  Her follow-up email after our consultation was a great checklist, as well. Thank you for everything, Andrea!“- JD Dennison, photographer, MI

“Andrea was helpful to me become more focused on what my company’s goals/objectives are, what to look out for in business and to remind me to continue to be creative and true to my voice.” Robyn Weems, photographer, MI

I started working one-on-one with Andrea after starting a business creating and selling art prints and greeting cards. After being a graphic designer for 20 years, switching gears was a bit overwhelming so I was happy to meet Andrea and was eager to learn the business side of selling art. There was a lot to learn and working with Andrea was so very helpful. Each week that Andrea and I met, she gave me a lot of useful information about the world of art and retail. I gained valuable information on topics such as selling wholesale, how to approach retailers, keeping track of inventory and so much more. It was a great investment in my businessJanelle Gurchinoff, artist and founder, Spirit Cat Art, MI

“Andrea is truly knowledgeable about the industry and provided great advice.  She is supportive of our company and opened her world to me in regards to her connections.  I feel she is truly invested in our successAs artists, we put our heart and soul into our creations and desire the world to experience our art – however if we don’t create a determined energy into the business side of our art – we just become frustrated-with-no-income artists with a hobby (unless that’s your goal).  Having Andrea as a business coach directs a designer to develop the business foundations that are crucial in building a successful fashion brand.  I am a raving fanAndrea, thank you for your coaching.” April Bayles, co-founder Beau Satchelle, Detroit

“Andrea’s depth of knowledge and ability to explain the concepts was the best thing about working with her as a creative business coach. The weekly conversations and explanations of business and its parts allowed me to relax around everything that is needed. I now have a broader sense of the areas of my business that I can take control of and influence. I want to continue to use Andrea to help me create a plan and materials to approach galleries and other retail outlets with my art glass.” Philip Yamron, artist and co-founder, Pyro Art Glass, Mount Clemens, MI

Approaching galleries, determining costs and how to price for retail were REAL stumbling blocks but after working with Andrea, I feel more comfortable and have the necessary tools to work the business. Andrea helped me see business in an overall less overwhelming light. I feel more at ease around certain topics, find myself focusing better and have a very clear working guideline on how to improve upon what I have been doing.”
Robyn Ochs, artist and co-founder, Pyro Art Glass, Mount Clemens, MI


It truly was a very positive experience taking the Mind Your Art Business workshop in Erie, PA, I would even call it “life changing“. I was furiously taking notes and absorbing everything that was discussed. You made a few comments that really opened my eyes.” -J.T. -mixed media artist, Erie, PA

“I want to express my thoughts about DABI (Detroit Art & Business Institute). Your events are professionally formatted, and casual enough to allow the attendees to drive the theme further in conversation and participation. The array of individuals who attend is usually unique, which leads to numerous combinations of business relationships developing.  DABI offers a basket full of networking connections, business analysis & business advancement tutoring skills, and small business start-up assistance.  I have been a photographer most of my life with many successful business growths, but I still see the value that DABI brings to the table. I encourage anyone who is desiring to advance their business or start up a new business to contact DABI for a consultation.” ~Michael Masi, Owner of Click Photography, MI

The Artful Connections Event put on by the DABI was a fantastic networking opportunity.  I got to meet  great artists from a variety disciplines and already found a photographer to collaborate with.  As a videographer, I rely on networking and developing relationships with all types of other artists and businesses.  I highly recommend attending these DABI events if you’re looking to expand your network and grow your business.” –Joe Lebovic, Owner/Filmmaker, Lebovideo LLC, MI

The Detroit Artists Market (DAM) was very pleased to host the 3-part, Mind Your Art Business workshops presented by Andrea Rosenfeld. This first-time presentation sold out very quickly and remained full throughout the series. Her organizational skills, professionalism, and charm were on full display during each presentation. The feedback from the participating artists revealed that they were appreciative and receptive of the innovative, informative, and ultimately useful workshops. DAM looks forward to hosting the future segments of this worthwhile and much needed series.” Peter B Gahan, Former Exhibitions Manager, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit

The Mind Your Art Business workshops with Andrea Rosenfeld are a fantastic resource to artists looking to refresh and advance their knowledge of the business side of being a practicing artist. The workshops cover a broad range of valuable topics; from basic marketing to professional practice skills. All of which strategically aid artists to excel in the art world.” Dalia Reyes, former Programs Manager, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit

When the Anton Art Center held its Art and Business for Emerging Artists conference, Andrea Rosenfeld set the tone for the day with her presentation about setting business goals and developing relationships. She encouraged people to work hard and perhaps think and act differently so that they can make art and a profit.  I appreciated Andrea’s involvement in the conference and would work with her again.  She related well to fellow artists and gave information, ideas and examples that could be readily used.
-Anne Lilla, former Executive Director, Anton Art Gallery, Mount Clemens, MI

Loved the workshop. I felt it was well organized and easy to follow.  My favorite part was when you shared your personal stories. The new information I gathered from the workshop enabled me to feel more comfortable with pushing myself to tackle the next steps in running my art business.  I am very excited to now think of myself in a different light.  Instead of a retail peon , I now think of myself as an ARTIST first–not a retail employee.  The retail just pays my bills-it isn’t my definition of self. My energies are refocused on myself and my art. I feel almost free in a sense.” -Kate Ford, Pink Bunny Batiks,  MI

I‘m working away on my Welcome Packet…its amazing how simple the questions seem, yet are so difficult to answer!  Doing the free flow type writing really helps to get it all out there.  Condensing down all the random thoughts into clearly articulated answers is quite tricky, but an extremely fun challenge!  This exercise is the thing I’ve always avoided sitting down to do always knowing that not having a solid thought-out path was my greatest pitfall.  Finally tackling it!  Thank you for inspiring that!! -Anonymous fine artist, MI

Thank you so much for the workshop series at Detroit Artists Market.  I learned a tremendous amount and gained a lot of insight into the business side of my career. Initially, I was overwhelmed at the volume of ‘homework’… but this reinforces just how much I needed to learn and how much information you have to share.  Thank you for making the topics palatable and understandable for creative types like me, who would rather be in their studios than working on spreadsheets. I look forward to continuing to develop my marketing and business strategies using the insightful, thoughtful tools I learned in your workshop.  Thank you!” -Shadia, Fine Artist, Ambiance Design Studio, Detroit

Thank you for your presentation. It is refreshing and encouraging to get the art perspective. During your talk, I was actually getting excited about developing a mission and/or vision statement, taking a closer look at what I want my target audience to be, and yes, even developing a business plan. I am really looking forward to next week’s topic of pricing and merchandising.” -Greg L.- wood artist, GDL Creative, Detroit

Andrea Rosenfeld is a genuine soul committed to the arts and dedicated to helping her fellow creatives live their dreams. She opened up everything she had on varying pricing structures, sent a spreadsheet in advance of the meeting and shared all of her knowledge. I walked away feeling confident, reassured and ready to take on the world!  Andrea did not leave me fumbling after our meeting had ended, instead she periodically checked up to make sure I was on track. Whether you are a seasoned artisan with years of experience under your belt or you are newbie trying to get your feet wet, I highly recommend that you contact Andrea Rosenfeld.  You will be SO glad you did.”
-Mary-Jo Bock Peritore, jewelry designer, British Columbia

“Andrea’s guidance boosted my confidence greatly and made me think about the situation in a new light. She enabled me to move out of stagnation and into action! I’m now starting to get results and am more at peace with the business relationship I was struggling with. I believe Andrea’s experience and background make her a top-notch art career coach. Anyone considering art biz guidance should look to her first!” -Jennie T. – fine artist and owner of Traillworks Gallery, New Jersey

She gave me great advice and great tools to personally improve many aspects of my business. has this uncanny natural ability to inspire and to fill you with positivity and drive. I felt pumped and ready to take on anything after every session.  Andrea is very easy to work with and is an all round intelligent and delightful person.” -Jamie C. – diamond setter and bench jeweler at Beau Diamond, United Kingdom

Andrea has built her successful platform with brand awareness, kindness and expertise in her craft. An artist just starting out in the wholesale industry needs guidance, and Andrea, with her extensive wholesale background, is just the person for them. She understands how overwhelming it can be to create a brand and build a business platform and following. She is teaching from the inside out how to build healthy business relationships. I applaud Andrea’s efforts, and highly respect her for caring and wanting to help others.” -Susan N. – graphic artist at Susan Newman Designs, New Jersey