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How Artists Can Navigate Tax Season and Keep More Money


How Artists Can Navigate Tax Season and Make More Money

As a creative business advisor and art advocate, my mission is to empower Artists and help them make more money. There are many ways to excel but because it’s tax season I want to talk little bit about how to rise above creative small business struggles especially when it comes to finances. Artists are many things but conservative isn’t how most people describe us. We’re bold and daring in our studios but an Artist who wants to grow their practice has to learn to be conservative with finances. After a sale, instead of running to your favorite supply store, bite the bullet and sock away 10-15% of your total (after sales tax) to reinvest in your business. Jot down a few [business goals] with their costs and determine how much you’ll have to save per month to reach them by the end dates. And while you’re dreaming big, don’t be scared to look at anything that will derail your vision because when you acknowledge a potential challenge you can rise to it. Read More »

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Finding True Abundance as an Artist


Finding True Abundance as an Artist

Most artists have a hard time with the concept of money.  We can be unsure how to attach financial value to our work because it may feel like it cheapens the emotional value (which isn’t true, btw) and sometimes we don’t FEEL worthy of the financial value we’d LIKE to place on our art.  Also, society doesn’t value what we do so we’re often told our art isn’t “good enough” or “not worth the price”.  Artists have internal AND external strife attached to money which all helps to contribute to the “starving artist” tag we’ve been labeled with.

I meet many, may artists who REALLY want to hire me but “just can’t afford it”.  They also desire to work with a social media expert or someone to build their website but “they just can’t right now”.  It’s more than not having the money, though. What we have here is an “abundance issue” or on the other side of the coin, a “scarcity complex”. They are opposing ideals of the same challenge: more and more people have a difficult time;

  • * with the concept of money,
  • * investing in their business, and
  • * balancing their finances.

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Easy Preparation For a Better Creative Business in 2018

art_business_success_preparationEasy Preparation For a Better Creative Business in 2018

It’s that time of year again. The overwhelmingly busy sales season, personal shopping for our own holiday gifts, decorating our home and/or office and maybe a bit of traveling, all while rounding out 4th quarter sales for our creative business. When your “quiet time” finally gets here, and you have time to breathe, set aside a bit of time to prepare for an even better 2018.

What does the preparation entail? Is there a checklist? What’s the right path for you THIS year? How will you set reachable goals and attain them?  Read More »

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