Insecurity Happens. 5 Tips to Rise Above and Thrive with Your Small Business.

Rise-AboveWhen was the last time you went an entire month without doubting yourself or your decisions and felt absolutely SURE about everything you set out to accomplish? Go ahead, think.  I’ll give you a minute…

Can’t pinpoint any time can you? You’re not alone. Everyone feels unsure of themselves at some point or another in varying degrees. If we were completely confident all of the time, never questioning our actions, we’d give up the opportunity to learn from others and we’d lose alternative pathways to growth & success.

How do you take the uncertainty you may feel at times and turn it to your advantage?  Here’s a few tips:

1. Insecurity is all in your mind. When you doubt yourself it could be your way of giving yourself more time to prepare for the task by pulling back – but it’s not the healthy way.  When you are unsure about yourself or your abilities, sit quietly and ask yourself why you’re hesitating. If any negative thoughts creep in, let them go. You are better than those dark thoughts and they are just that, merely thoughts. Don’t allow them to overpower the greatness that you are. If you’re TRULY scared of the looming task, break it down into smaller, bite sized portions.  Every small goal you meet with feed your positive, “I can do this” confidence and propel you forward.

2. Acceptance is strength.  Don’t ignore your insecurities and don’t ignore the important tasks you may be pushing aside. You’re growing business is counting on your achievements. Accept the fact that you feel unsure and draw strength from working through the challenge. If you can’t get through the challenge alone, speak to mentors or your partners about the issue because they may see healthy solutions that are veiled to you. Sometimes emotional challenges bring real pain but don’t take the fastest “out” because it may hurt your business, cost you money and cause you more pain down the road.

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3. When someone doubts themselves, they may feel like the only person on the planet who struggles. Talk to others about your fumbles, missteps and emotional struggles in business so they understand that they are not alone. Talk to them with empathy, not power. Offer them ways to learn from you and continue to draw power from your challenges by using them for good. Perception is powerful and others may view you as being an unwavering, always confident, never stumbling force. You know the truth: you’re not perfect so go ahead and inspire people by sharing how you deal with your imperfections.

4. “Don’t give up”. I hear that a lot and I don’t always agree because the term “give up” can mean different things to different people. If you’re faced with a task that stops you in your tracks and bring out your insecurities, give up. Hand the task over to someone who’s better at it, enjoys the challenge and will see greater results.  However, handing a “scary” project over doesn’t mean distancing yourself from the project to feel less pain. Remember it’s your business. When you hire someone to complete a project make sure you’re overseeing the project, their results and follow through.

5. Running a small business means taking on a multitude of necessary tasks and responsibilities that my not feel natural. You’re skilled in many things but not everything. Just the thought of things like cold calling, designing brochures or lookbooks, building your brand, streamlining your product offerings, pricing your product or services so they sell, weeding out the best opportunities, networking and writing copy can bring many confident people to their knees. The one thing that absolutely increases your confidence is education.  Learning the basics of business building will reduce your insecurities and prepare you to tackle most any challenge.

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Struggles are fabulous opportunities disguised as scary visions so don’t be fooled. We can’t become wiser or stronger without working through our challenges. ​Use the tips above and continue to take action steps toward fulfilling your goals and dreams, every day. Every positive outcome will fuel more and more. And when there comes a time that you begin to doubt yourself and feel unsure, take out a pen and paper.  Write down your achievements, all of the challenges you’ve overcome, the people you’ve supported, the clients you’ve sold to and three things you’re grateful for.  Share your business struggles below so we can learn from you.

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