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One Easy Way To Increase Small Business Growth

One Easy Way To Increase Small Business Growth

Yesterday I visited a local, wholesale show to meet more targeted, sales reps for my art and design members. Unfortunately the show was a bit slow and emotions were running too high.   My colleague, a rep, cautioned that I’d be greeted over zealously and as I entered each partition, faces would light up only to be dimmed after they heard me say, “I’m not a retailer”.  Their excited, open and friendly attitudes immediately morphed into to downtrodden, half-ignoring, not interested in listening.


What if they reacted differently? What if they kept their excited, happy and engaging demeanor no matter WHO entered their space? What if they remembered that EVERYONE is deserving of an ear and a bit of time?

I may not be a retailer ready to drop thousands on a new order but I bring lots of value in other ways. They brushed me off because I didn’t meet their expectations but they don’t know who I know. They don’t know who I am as a person or business person, that I’m a connector and dedicated to uplifting the art and design industry and that includes reps.  They don’t know the extent of my extended network; friends, colleagues and members. They know nothing about me and have no idea of the value I bring because they were focused on one thing only – selling.

Want to Sell More? Take Good Care of Your Customer

Everyone has value.

Remember this when you meet people, no matter where you are or your intentions. Begin to see all people as valuable whether they meet your desired expectations or not. And please don’t always think their value is ties to what they can offer you – Imagine how you can also assist them.

Give more.

Sure you’re focused on sales but what if you gave something to someone without a desire in return? Your expertise. A connection to someone or something. A smile and an ear.  Honor yourself and don’t give more than your energy will allow.  You have a business to run and have to watch your physical and emotional output.

5 Tips to Rise Above and Thrive with Your Small Business

Open your mind. 

A successful business is MUCH more than an abundance of sales to your target market. Open your mind to new experiences and connections. “Gifts” make themselves available to everyone but if you’re closed minded and hyper-focused on a specific goal, you’ll miss your “presents”.

Quick story: I hosted a series of events through Detroit Startup Week and I met various, wonderful creatives. One woman comes to mind though… bashful, meek, less than confident in herself or her path and she was scarred physically.  I was absolutely focused on keeping the event running smoothly but when she walked up to me, so shy… I stopped and made time to smile big, hug her and listen.  The energy I received from her was radiant.  Her smile, her bright eyes, her excitement for life and her opportunities helped to calm me and lift me up. That was a gift to me and I wouldn’t have received it if I were too busy hosting. Share the business presents you’ve taking the time to receive, below!

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