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Finding True Abundance as an Artist


Finding True Abundance as an Artist

Most artists have a hard time with the concept of money.  We can be unsure how to attach financial value to our work because it may feel like it cheapens the emotional value (which isn’t true, btw) and sometimes we don’t FEEL worthy of the financial value we’d LIKE to place on our art.  Also, society doesn’t value what we do so we’re often told our art isn’t “good enough” or “not worth the price”.  Artists have internal AND external strife attached to money which all helps to contribute to the “starving artist” tag we’ve been labeled with.

I meet many, may artists who REALLY want to hire me but “just can’t afford it”.  They also desire to work with a social media expert or someone to build their website but “they just can’t right now”.  It’s more than not having the money, though. What we have here is an “abundance issue” or on the other side of the coin, a “scarcity complex”. They are opposing ideals of the same challenge: more and more people have a difficult time;

  • * with the concept of money,
  • * investing in their business, and
  • * balancing their finances.

As an artist and a business coach for artists I have to deal with money challenges as well, so I’ve periodically explored the concepts of “Abundance” and “Scarcity” to better understand how to rise above the dysfunction, both for me and my clients/students.  Every once in a while I’ll run across someone who flippantly says, “open your heart to abundance and it will come”.  I blink and smile, holding my words because what’s hysterical to me is that primarily, the people who let that statement roll off of their tongues are actually earning a respectable living! They have “abundance” so sure they can let go of scarcity thoughts. And they didn’t just think “scarcity-be-gone” and POOF, money rains down on them, they worked their asses off to get where they are.

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I think what REALLY bothers me about people telling me that I have to “allow abundance” or “dive deep into my scarcity issue” is that a.) they don’t know enough about my business and b.) they are attaching the word “abundance” to money.  Yes, many people have deep issues with finances and negative feelings of self-worth or they may have a fear of success which holds them back and each person who’s struggling financially should absolutely take a good, hard look at themselves and review their spending habits, but what I’ve found from my research is that ABUNDANCE is more than merely finances.

My bank account may not be as abundant as it will be one day but I am absolutely, positively abundant. And so are you.

How am I overflowing with abundance and value?  I am abundant in creativity and adventure.  I am abundant in intelligence.  I’m abundant in forward thinking behavior. I have an abundance of desire to empower others.  I am overflowing with tenaciousness and hard work. I’m abundant in bravery and vulnerability. My cup overflows with care for others and I am abundant in self-reflection and introspection. Why don’t you, right now, jot down YOUR abundance so you remember that your worth isn’t your financial value.

The book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist was a powerful tool for me to remember my true worth and I suggest it wholeheartedly. Listen, it’s always easier to allow money to flow in when it’s ACTUALLY FLOWING IN! It’s much harder to increase your finances when times are lean but it’s really important that you set your intention for financial growth, know that you’re abundant in many ways, that there’s more than enough money for everyone and that you’re valuable.

Money is nothing more than a tool.  A tool you should use to grow your business, hire great people, give back to your community and change the world.

In addition, you MUST do the actual work along with the meditative thoughts. Review your expenses to see where you’re  spending your money, have a hard talk with someone who can help you manage your finances (your banker or accountant, maybe), and finally realize that it’s not “spending money” but instead, “investing in your business” when you hire an expert to support your growth. You may want immediate revenue from a new website or business coaching session but life doesn’t work that way. Everything worthwhile takes time and diligence. And if you want move forward in a strong way but you really don’t have the money, talk to a friend, local business owner or family member to invest in you. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it work. [For Michigan artists who want to hire me or take my Mind Your Art Business Growth Course there’s a state-wide grant you can apply to.]

Abundance, or scarcity is a matter of perspective. Change you thoughts about your own value, about money and how you invest in your art business and you’ll breathe easier.

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~Andrea Rosenfeld
Creative Business Advisor
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YOUR THOUGHTS?  How do YOU create true abundance?

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