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The ONE QUESTION You Should Ask Yourself to Turn Fear Into Confidence


One question can help you break free from fear.

The ONE QUESTION an Artist Should Ask to Turn Fear Into Confidence

There’s a lot of talk about learning from “failure” and although I find that nothing is a “failure” but rather every move is a chance to improve, I want to share a challenge I’m facing. By sharing I hope to help you to avoid stress and decrease the time you feel unsure of how to move (or not to move).

Let’s preface this with, “I’m not perfect”.  I’ve pissed people off and there are those, that for their own reasons, don’t care for me. I can’t please everyone, nor do I try but I don’t LOOK to ruin partnerships and an important business relationship I have has gone sour.

I suffered for weeks thinking about which way to move or whether I should just “stand still” and continue to be pushed and pulled, uncontrollably.  I imagined the worst, “Is this REALLY falling apart?”, “Is it my imagination?”, “Should I say something?” and then regarding my business, “How will my revenue be affected?” and “What about my clients?”.

Honestly, that last question was the impedance for the MOST important question I asked myself to move from fear and paralyzation.  How do I support my clients and students?  What’s the best thing for THEM?  My goal is to educate and move small business owners forward so how do I accomplish this while adhering to my contract guidelines and not allowing the broken relationship to affect me emotionally. BIG hurdles. BIG questions.

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Until I remembered the ONE QUESTION that has helped me in the past. This one question allowed me to move from tip-toeing and suffering to boldness, conviction and confidence:

“What’s the WORST thing that can happen?”

What’s the worst thing that can happen if I do “nothing”? What’s the worst thing that can happen if I do “something”?

When I asked myself this question I found that the answers weren’t as bad as my imagination had me believe:

1. I’ll lose this educational partner. [That’s okay. As it is now, the relationship is toxic and stressful.]

2. My clients will lose some financial support. [I’ve received private and business sponsorships before, I’ll secure more to make up for the loss.]

3. The clients may be affected by the current situation and their trust may diminish. [The people who believe in my mission and see its value will stick with me because they know I’m doing everything I can to support them.]

4. I may lose 4th quarter income. [That’s the life of a small business and I’m making up the possible lost income through various revenue streams.]

5. I’ll lose a teaching location. [I know other spaces will host me.]

Although I was “stuck” in one sense, because my business is a growing, nimble force with many income and relationship channels, I was already pivoting to fill gaps and move forward even though I didn’t realize it.

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When you’re faced with a paralyzing fear and your imagination stuffs your brain with ‘what if’s”, breathe deep, focus and ask yourself, “What’s the WORST thing that can happen?” I’m sure that your answer won’t be life threatening, will in reel your imagination and give you confidence to face the realistic consequences.  Asking yourself that one question and accepting the answer puts YOU in control of the situation.  And remember, you won’t fail no matter what you decide to do.

Let us learn from YOU! What situations have you come up against that caused you fear and how did you overcome it? Comment below!

To your success!

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