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The BEST Way to Market Your Business, Use Sneezers

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A Proven Method to Grow Your Art Business and See More Sales.

ACHOO! Did someone sneeze?  GOOD!  I like Sneezers. They are important to Detroit Art & Business Institute.  I first found the term “sneezer” when I read the marketing book, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, by Seth Godin.  Granted, his concept is based on mass market products and services but his ideas can be used for smaller businesses as well.

A “sneezer” is also called a brand advocate and is someone who actively, happily, excitedly speaks, shouts, sings and shares your brand, link or product over and over again, allowing you to reach many more people than you could reach alone. 

Oooh, you say, I like “sneezers”.  How do I get my own? Well grab some tissues and read on.

1. Make your clients WANT to sneeze! Be reliable, trustworthy, maintain high integrity and offer a caring attitude. Make sure your brand, product/service and you are magnificent!  Support and connect with your clients, offer superb customer service and quality products.  

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“Pleasing customers doesn’t always lead to conversations. Delighting them, enraging them, hospitalizing them or surprising them–that’s how sneezers are born”, Seth Godin. 

2. Make it easy for your clients to sneeze.  Don’t be shy… when your clients are bowled over by you or your company give them an easy way to share their excitement. Give them promotional materials to pass around, get them on your e-mail list and create a very clear “forward to a friend” link and continually offer them good reasons to talk to others about you.  

Creating Sales Opportunities: Every Moment Counts

3. Allow your “sneezers” to sneeze in front of others.  Gather and post comments about your product in your website if that’s in line with your brand image.  Write a small article about your product and open up the comment area.  People read comments just like they read reviews.  Post images of your product on your favorite social media site for sneezers to share and connect with. Besides a video, an image is the best way to gain attention. Ask a happy and recurring client to host an event where you can sell to people who trust her/him.

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4. Get in front of your “sneezers”.  I know you may fear meeting new people and “selling” but if you lock yourself away, working (hiding), you’ll reduce your opportunity to meet and connect with your clients and if they don’t connect with you, they will be less likely to share their thoughts with others.  Get out from behind your computer, desk or easel, meet new people and reconnect with current clients.


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