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WordPress Blogging for Creative Business Owners

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace4 11.45.06 AMWordPress Blogging for Creative Business Owners

Of course your creative business website will have images but what about writing about your studio, experiences and community engagement in your WordPress blog (or any other website/blogging platform)? Will that help to engage your audience and increase connections to your clients?  Sure as heck YEAH, it will! Not only will it bring another layer to your site but blogging well will increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that (when done correctly) your website will slowly work it’s way up the Google ladder so when potential clients search for things like, “pottery in Lancaster” and you’re a blogging Potter in Lancaster, PA, you’ll have a better chance of showing up in their search.

Blog writing increases the number of pages on your website.

That’s the REAL secret to SEO. The more content you have, the more the search engines will have to find you and share your website to people searching. Blogging also has an indirect impact on your audience and SEO because it inspires longer visits to your website.  By bringing your audience quality content that they’ll want to read, they will stay on your website more than a minute or two – which tells search engines that your site is a good place to send people looking for that type of information. Get it? It’s all about engaging and keeping people interested and ON your website!

Alright, now that you know how VALUABLE writing articles is, how do you do it easily? Here, I’ll show you… Read More »

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Social Media for Artists – Marketing Experts Detail How To Use Social Media to Sell More Art

SM Video coverSocial Media for Artists – Marketing Experts Detail How To Use Social Media to Sell More Art

February 2018.

Embrace Creatives held another special Think Tank!  This time I gathered experts to discuss how to use social media correctly as a creative professional.  Watch these videos to learn about things like; how to use hashtags the RIGHT way, what platforms are best for art, what social media IS and how to save time online! Read More »

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Design a Better Email for Professional Art Business Relationships

computer-man_edited-1Design a Better Email for Professional Art Business Relationships

My mission as a Creative Business Advisor is to help Artists build healthy and strong relationships with Commercial Art Buyers. Why? Because Artists deserve to make money and professional communication is key to building a profitable partnership. You’d THINK because we spend our lives expressing ourselves that we would have no problem crafting correspondences but honestly, that tends to be an area where Artists need a lot of help.

Writing well might not seem important, especially in this age of “fast writing” and the abundance of poorly written articles and social media posts but if it’s the first time you’re talking to a potential client and you’re SERIOUS about moving forward with them, the first email showcases “who you are” as a professional. They can view your art to know if you’re a good fit, aethestically but that’s not enough. As businesses with financial goals and deadlines Commercial Art Buyers want to know that every single Artist they work with makes their business lives easier. 

An email filled with typos, grammatical errors, lack of confidence, confusing conversation, or a long-winded biography can make you appear goofy, demanding, selfish or a poor business prospect, and that is not the way to showcase how truly FABULOUS you are! 

To craft a more professional email for better art business communication take a look at my proven guides; Read More »

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