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Social Media for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results

social media for artists

Social Media Checklist for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results

ALL RIGHT, your art or creative service is ready to roll! Your hangtags are printed, packing material is set neatly aside, service menu with healthy price points is squared away and you’re ready to process orders. Now to get the word out!

Those that know me or heard me teach, know that I’m an advocate for in-person, art business relationship building but since you can’t be everywhere at once, social media for artists a good way to be seen by an abundance of potential clients and get online art sales.

I’m sure you use social media as an individual and maybe you’ve set up your creative business marketing accounts but without a structured social media for artists plan, your messaging will be haphazard or lackluster and not get you the results you deserve. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Who: This is a two-part set up. First, who are you and what does your creative business stand for? If you don’t have a clear idea of your business mission and vision then you can’t clearly communicate to your client.  Second, who are your clients? If you can’t pinpoint your target markets or describe your ideal client in detail; their location; needs; challenges; and how you make their lives easier or more beautiful, then how are you going to find and speak to them? If you can’t easily answer the “WHO,” I can help youTIP: You can’t know your customers if you’re inside your office or studio all day. Get out there and talk to them.

What: What is your message? What do your clients want from you and what do you want to communicate?  Think about the many ways you can speak to your audience and what’s important to them. Content should be written with your art business audience in mind and remember to stick to your mission [from WHO, above]. Example: A photographer with a technology niche may want to periodically write/share articles on robots or how technology and fine art fuse because the people who are interested in her computer-based photos are interested in technology + art.  TIP: Remember to respond to comments or questions and share other art & creative business posts because that will increase your online engagement too. Plus it’s what “social” media stands for… community, being social & sharing!

How to Build a Solid Creative Business

Where: Where should you post your content? Don’t overwhelm yourself! I suggest two to three channels at most to keep it manageable. There’s an abundance of social media for artists choices out there, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, Dribble to my soon-to-launch, Embrace Creatives, a professional networking platform/marketplace for artists & businesses. TIP: No matter which creative marketing platforms you choose, remember to keep your branding cohesive with the same profile pictures and similar headers. I can connect you to a graphics and branding expert, if needed.

When: When is the best time to post? Each social media channel has different art business media engagement recommendations.  There are different BEST times and days for all of the different platforms. Posting on Twitter a few times a week or even up to 3x a day is apropos while for Facebook, once-a-weekday and more on the weekends [when people are less busy] is best. TIP: Facebook allows users to schedule posts inside their platform and but I suggest that you research social media messaging schedulers like HootsuiteCrowdfire or Buffer then set up a week or month’s worth of posts to auto send.  Oh, and seasonal sellers should have creative marketing ideas paired with a social media strategy a few months beforehand.

Tips on How to Rise Above Art Business Frustrations

How: How are you going to DO all of this art business social media and run your creative business? Easily, but not without a bit of prep work. Using a legal pad or spreadsheet, set up your social media weekly posting schedule. Use the days of the week and place your different social media posts in each day. For DABI, I type the content [what I want to say], add the best *hashtags for the post, if necessary [*watch for my next social media for artists article], the web link [where do you want your clients to go?] and an image.  Now just cut and past them! TIP: Keep a master list of hashtags handy for your posts.

Are you unsure if your social media strategy is working? Would you like help connecting to commercial buyers? I invite you to join me in my affordable, Mind Your Art Business Growth Course subscription. I’ve developed this accelerator for artists who are ready to expand their reach and increase their sales. My intense but easy to understand course covers every aspect of your art business  and it’s available 24/7!

Andrea Rosenfeld

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