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Stop Working on Your Creative Business!


Stop Working on Your Creative Business!

Stop working. Right now. Do not work on your creative business any longer.

It’s like a treadmill right? Work. The constant work you do as you reach for success. The client communication (retail and wholesale). The marketing. Intense social media. Promotional designing. Product or artwork creation. Applying to shows. Customer care. Finding NEW customers to add to your exiting ones. Working with new partners or collaborators. Learning new things. Screwing up. Reaching new milestones. Dealing with legalities. Managing employees. The gallery introductions. Managing your sales support. Competition research. Figuring out how to price AND profit. Reading books. Reading articles. Scheduling meetings. Working with a business consultant. Creating client surveys. Researching trends and new color schemes…. WOW!!!

Stop. Working. On all of it.

I did. I stopped working this morning. On my way to a meeting with a pop-up art gallery, I decided it was over. I was done working…

At the end of the meeting I told him so.  I boldly announced that I wasn’t working anymore. He smiled and said that he loved that idea and was going to follow my vision.

So now I am no longer “working” on DABI or my new website.  From now on, instead, I’m “creating opportunities” instead.  The word “work” drains me and has SUCH painful emotion attached. In fact if you look up “work,” some of the synonyms are; drudgery, exertion, grind, sweat and chores. Yup, that sounds right.

Want to Sell More? Take Good Care of Your Customer

WHO in their right mind would want to build their wonderful, passionate creative endeavor on the backs of those horrific terms. Not me. From now on everything I do for my businesses is an opportunity. When someone asks, “What are you doing today? Instead of saying, “I’m working,” I respond, “I’m creating opportunities.”

Building a small business into something that brings you joy and money is SO very time consuming and frustrating that anything you can do to alleviate the negative emotions surrounding your immense responsibilities helps you stay lifted and strong.

Here’s How to End the Frustration of your art business, Organize and Grow.

And think about it.  All of the work you currently do is REALLY just a way to create opportunities.  Whether you’re finding new clients, dealing with a late shipment, researching cheaper materials, setting up your social media posts… everything is an opportunity if you view it that way.

Your challenge is to “stop working” and begin “creating opportunities”.

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