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Social Media for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results

Social Media Checklist for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results ALL RIGHT, your art or creative service is ready to roll! Your hangtags are printed, packing material is set neatly aside, service menu with healthy price points is squared away and you’re ready to process orders. Now to get the word out! Those that know me […]
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One Easy Way To Increase Small Business Growth

Yesterday I visited a local, wholesale show to meet more targeted, sales reps for my art and design members. Unfortunately the show was a bit slow and emotions were running too high.   My colleague, a rep, cautioned that I’d be greeted over zealously and as I entered each partition, faces would light up only to […]
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The BEST Way to Market Your Business, Use Sneezers

ACHOO! Did someone sneeze?  GOOD!  I like Sneezers. They are important to Detroit Art & Business Institute.  I first found the term “sneezer” when I read the marketing book, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, by Seth Godin.  Granted, his concept is based on mass market products and services but his ideas can be used for smaller businesses as […]
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