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Posts written on how to shoot art or offer art images through promotional materials.

Social Media for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results

Social Media Checklist for Artists to Achieve Remarkable Results ALL RIGHT, your art or creative service is ready to roll! Your hangtags are printed, packing material is set neatly aside, service menu with healthy price points is squared away and you’re ready to process orders. Now to get the word out! Those that know me […]
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Visual Marketing: Words Aren’t Enough Anymore

When you log onto Facebook what’s the first thing that your eye is drawn to? If you’re answer is photos and videos, you’re not alone. Words aren’t enough anymore. We have to go one step further to inform and engage our audience. Are you bored yet? Do you wanna look at a photo? It’s only natural […]
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How to Get Your Photos Better Than (Just) Good Enough

Guest Contributor, Eric Law Most people will likely see your artwork or product line for the first time online or in print. You don’t know when a prospective buyer or exhibitor is looking at what you posted on Facebook or your website and may be deciding if your work is worth considering. And if you’re […]
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