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DABI’s Sales Sucess Guide For Artists

Want to find the BEST retail shows for your product?

Need to know how to set up your booth for greater attraction and engagement?

How do you get people to purchase AFTER the show?

Here are the answers to those questions and more retail success information, tips and organizational strategies:

Fairs & Festivals: Step-by-Step Success, MP4

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retail-mp4Retail sales are an amazing way to meet new clients and test pricing, product and marketing materials but if you don’t prepare the RIGHT way, you’ll waste hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of your precious time NOT selling. To help you, DABI Founder and trusted business expert created a special, easy-to-understand download with incredible content to guide you to retail success.  Get ready to take lots of notes and use the check list we provide as well as tent display tools and booth photography advice from a guest expert! Only $24.95.

Only $24.95 for this information-packed, 45-minute presentation!

This was a thoughtful, comprehensive set of instructions. Good for those who are just starting out doing fairs and festivals!” Theresa P., Mixed-Media Artist, Detroit.

I felt it was so useful, very thorough and I learned many things I did not know even after doing markets and festivals for many years.” Candace, Ceramic Artist, California

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