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Art & Design Business Accelerator / Get Your Work Exhibited and Into Stores / Peer & Expert Support / Resources and More With Membership




Price for PROFIT with healthy margins

Gain MARKETING strategies that engage your clients

Receive STEP-BY-STEP business skills for artists

A small monthly subscription will give you an abundance of creative business education to learn on your own time. My trusted course that’s empowered an abundance of artists, designers and other soulful entrepreneurs will increase your confidence and prepare you for more sales!

For just $30 a month you’ll excel with 8 modules and receive feedback on your website as a “welcome” bonus.

“I absolutely LOVED this course. The information was beneficial and presented in a way that was manageable.” Ella C. – jewelry artist

Find your success with transformational education that will; 

* bring clarity to your creative business,

* show you how to create a profitable pricing structure,

* guide you to develop a strong marketing strategy and 

* teach you how to sell more art  

In addition to learning how to build a healthy and profitable business, I’ll invite you to join other artists in a private online community to discuss course strategies while you build collaborations and grow your network!

“Because of Andrea’s invaluable information, I increased my profits 600%!” – Angela F. -Event Planner

For a the same price as an art show application, you’ll receive;

* Class workbooks packed with clear business strategies designed SPECIFICALLY for the creative mind. 

* Reference materials, check lists and guides.

* Action Step List that fits each lesson for step-by-step business growth.

* A Pricing Calculator

* Support and feedback through an Embrace Creatives’ private group where students/graduates can ask questions and network.

* Discounts off of private coaching with me (I’m in the video, above).

* Graduates of the full, 8 class course also receive extra business resources along with a Vision Plan to fill in using your answers from each class.  This Plan helps you detail and clarify your ENTIRE business structure.

Try it out and see if it meets your expectations, you can always cancel your enrollment. 


Don’t want to wait months to propel your art business? Choose the one-time payment and have the entire course at your fingertips!


Class #1: Core Business Strategies – STRENGTH = SUCCESS
Class #2: Become a Professional Business
Class #3: Pricing for Profit (product & service)
Class #4: Determining Value + Finding Your Ideal Clients
Class #5: Healthy Financials to Set Your Growth Course
Class #6: Branding, Marketing and Promotional Materials
Class #7: Selling the RIGHT way to Clients, Wholesale and Retail
Class #8: Collaborations to Profit From + Business Pitch

“This course is everything I never CLEARLY learned in business school! I had SO many questions marks about pricing, doing business legally and my business identity. Now so much of that is clearer to me and I NO LONGER feel like I’m floundering. If you’re starting your creative business or have unanswered questions, this course is bound to give you clarity!” Jessy B – mixed media

”The MYAB course has transformed the way I think + approach to business. It has touched on every aspect from financials, legal, to social media and developing relationships. I feel I have a solid plan now to begin my business strategies.” Kathleen A. – fine art

“Mind Your Art Business’s 8-week training course was very good! I learned a lot. I was inspired to FINALLY start my own business.” -Scott M. – graphic artist

Mind Your Art Business is important to all aspiring artistic entrepreneurs. It gently faces you towards the essential back-end of business building and guides you through, navigating the sometimes less-than-fun aspects without being overwhelmed.”  – Katie B. – ceramic artist

Mind Your Art Business gave me organizational skills, an easy-to-view course layout and step-by-step outlines.” –Diane N. – fiber artist

Mind Your Art Business is very helpful to artists who want to elevate their business. I was able to make great strides after taking Andrea’s course!” Re’Nisha B. – fashion designer

Are you in Southeastern Michigan and do you want to learn from me in-person? click here.