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GACO Case Study



GACO Sourcing, located in Birmingham, MI is OBSESSED with the world of promotional products and solving branding challenges.


After many company brainstorming meetings, GACO voted to re-brand their company after a butterfly. Their internal corporate messaging was that they “transform” their client’s business, they’re “charismatic”, “inspirational” and they completely “celebrate change”. However, their new one sheet wasn’t sharing their brilliant and special identity. The words lacked passion. It read like every other companies one pager without packing a punch, so why would anyone hire them over another local, company? They wouldn’t – at least not from their marketing materials alone.  GACO had to find a way to speak the AMAZING and fulfilling partnerships they create and sell their services at the same time.


Sitting down with my client, Carolyn, the Queen of Trinkets & Trash, we reviewed company and butterfly resources, listing key words and feelings that encapsulated both GACO and the magic of butterflies.  I guided them to a stronger, more targeted point-of-view, more emotional expression of their mission and special company attributes without losing their valuable benefits. Adding branded icons and removing stagnant promotional product imaging similar to competition, the design is better suited to clear viewing with popping words. Now their one-sheet is a vibrant testimonial to their soulful company and FULLY expresses their desire to make their clients look great, 24/7/365!

“It’s amazing, amazing, amazing! I’m SO excited and appreciative! I’m going to send you Laura’s signature block because she’s going to use this one sheet too. Loved working with you!  Carolyn, GACO Sourcing