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Rock Sugar Case Study

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Rock Sugar is an event planning company where couples in Metro Detroit find great indie wedding vendors!


Angela, Rock Sugar’s founder had this BRILLIANT idea to help local brides/grooms that didn’t want the TYPICAL wedding, find artists and designers to hire for their big event.  Angela was committed to her vision and a fabulous list of vendors but even after taking a general, entrepreneurial course she didn’t have the education necessary to move forward with her CREATIVE business and set herself up for success. She didn’t make a penny from her first DIY wedding event at the Rust Belt in Ferndale, MI.


After graduating from my Mind Your Art Business Growth Course and with the bevy of strategic planning tools, operational streamlining information, budgeting and financial education and sales guidance, she was able to plan her sales goals based on REAL costs, and find the right words to attract customers. Because of this invaluable information, after her second DIY wedding event, Angela increased her profits 600%!