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Sue Schneider Case Study


Sue Schneider is a multi-disciplinary artist who builds flowing yet bold sculptural works out of reclaimed materials for private a commercial clients.


As most artists, Sue has worked for years to hone her craft and move through transformational, creative processes. When I began working privately with Sue, she had an upcoming show in Novi, MI but hadn’t a clear idea of where she stood as a business or what to realistically charge for her art. She was confident with her art process but not with her enterprise or how to make money.


Together, we participated in numerous, introspective sessions where we built a strong, core structure of her art business. I taught her how to easily research and maintain client and competition lists then we worked together to build her detailed yet easy-to-understand, costing form.  After working with me for only a month, Sue is now highly confident of her price points, SEES her profits-per-sale, knows how to make MORE money, and gained clarity in her business. We will continue our sessions to design her precise marketing and sales strategies to get her more shows and then build the financials of her business to chart her growth.